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What is Beans?

We are a not for profit support service, which proudly operates as part of the NDD pathway across East and West Suffolk.

The provision is accessible for those who would like support throughout their journey with neurodiversity.

Our knowledgable and friendly team can help with many areas and will work around what is best for you and the needs of your family.

How did it start?


BEANS began with a few passionate individuals wanting to improve the support system for neurodivergent children, adults, carers and their families in the Suffolk area.

Access then put their brains together to form a proposal. Once approved, they created a wrap around support service that has successfully launched across three locations in Suffolk.

Hear from our team!


If you’re not a fan of text, then here’s a quick video message from Faye Churchill outlining our Beans service.

“The team at beans have always been dedicated, committed and passionate – never shying from going out of their way to help those in need by empowering them, informing them and supporting them to discover their own skills and tools to meet their challenges and move forward in their journey”.

working together with

Beans are proudly partnered with several fantastic local and national organisations.

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