Not heard of Neurodiversity?
It's ok... allow us to explain.

Neurodiversity is a positive movement that started in the late 1990’s by an autistic sociologist named Judy Singer.

The purpose is for the world to recognise that all human brains work differently, although the majority will think as society expects them to, we call this neurotypical.

1 in 7 people will think differently and be described as neurodivergent. Different is not wrong or less. It is important that we celebrate those differences for the qualities and not see them as having something wrong that needs curing.

Although neurodiversity began as an autistic community movement other neurological conditions also have moved into supporting the neurodiversity movement such as…

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Meet Faye Churchill (Beans Coordinator). 

In this bitesized video, she outlines what Beans is, what you can expect from our staff and how to get involved in our wellbeing drop-ins across Suffolk.

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